Manana prepared here BUNDLES of attractions of Mexico and Guatemala.
This version includes a translation of selected parts. For translation of the entire site use the service of http://translate.google.com/ on the czech version.
In BUNDLE OF INFORMATIONS you can find basic informations about what you need when you are planning to go there and more, there are some small travel books from México and Guatemala.
In BUNDLE OF LANGUAGES you can find how many languages are spoken in Guatemala and more, there is a Vocabulary of Yucatec-Maya, Nahuatl and Totonaco languages.
In BUNDLE OF CALENDARS you find our Christian, and Maya calendar for this year, together with pages for conversion our date in gregorian calendar to a corresponding date in Maya calendar and back.
In BUNDLE OF COOKING you can use 421 recipes on Mexican and Chapin dishes.
In BUNDLE OF NECESSITIES you find lots of useful informations, advices and other things you need for your life.
In BUNDLE ŠUMAVA, which is a burden PLUS! you find some informations on Šumava (Šumava is the mountain ridge on southern border of our country, this is an ecological page), and more, you can find some informations on Sudety and Decrets of President Beneš.

Siempre remitir a mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy.   
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